How much does collision repair cost?

Collisions can be traumatic, costing between $500-5000+ depending on the severity of the damage, so we want to ensure you’re taken care of. AutoShield Collision provides free estimates, and our expert technicians will explain all repairs before they are made, so contact us today to set your mind at ease, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Average Collision Repair costs:

Front-end repair

Front-end repair will cost anywhere from $400-3,000+ depending on the severity of the damage. This repair will always require dent repair and repairing the car frame.

Rear-end Repair

Similar to Front-end repair, Rear-end repair will cost anywhere from $500-3500. In addition, this repair will require dent repair and repairing the car frame.

Bumper Repair

Bumper repair will cost between $100-750 for a replacement. Low-end repair involves replacing elements of the bumper with high-end repair requiring whole unit replacement.

Frame Repair

Frame repair can cost anywhere from $6,000-10,000+ depending on the make and model of your car. This repair will be the most costly and time-consuming.

Side Impact Repair

Side Impact Repair can cost anywhere from $500-1500+ for a replacement panel or door. 

Door Repair

Door repair can cost anywhere from $50-1500+.

Body Panel Repair

Body panel repair can cost anywhere from $50-2,000+ 

Factors that affect your total cost

  • Make and Model-The make, and model of your car will determine how expensive repairs will be. Generally, the more expensive the car, the higher the repair cost. 
  • Damage Type-Your damage type will also affect your end cost. The more extensive and serious the damage, the more costly repairs will be.
  • Car features-If your car is outfitted with additional features; these can be quite costly to replace. 
  • Your Location/area of accident-Labor costs, availability of parts, and competing auto shops will impact your total cost. 
  • Repair shop-Depending on which repair or auto body shop you choose, you can easily overpay for repairs, so it’s critical that you locate one that you can trust and will give you a clear estimate.

Other costs

In addition to the primary cost of your repairs, there are other hidden costs associated with collision repair, primarily your insurance fees and rental fees. 

What does my insurance cover? 

These are the common damages that many insurance plans cover:

  • Dented Bumper
  • Deep Paint Scratches
  • Cracked Windshield
  • Suspension Damage
  • Rear-End Damage

Collision Repair Services

  • Surface Preparation-Surface damage can drastically affect the life of your vehicle. Seemingly non-threatening issues like scratches, chips, peeling, and cracks can expose your vehicle to rust. AutoShield technicians inspect your vehicle from the inside out to identify the smallest contusions. Then, we carefully repair, sand, and prime it for a fresh paint job.
  • Body Repair-Dents, dings, and scratches are unsightly blemishes on the body of your car that can compromise the structural integrity of your vehicle. AutoShield’s body technicians use state-of-the-art equipment with computer-aided precision to restore your car’s exterior to its original shape and strength. We have the expertise to repair cosmetic and structural damage to your vehicle’s frame, restoring it to its factory-built standards.
  • Paint Restoration-A great paint job doesn’t just leave your vehicle looking fantastic. It also protects its body from rust and damage. AutoShield’s body technicians do all of our paint mixing in-house to ensure every coat has the protective and cosmetic properties needed to give your car a long-lasting sheen. We use advanced computer technology to perfectly blend your vehicle’s paint with the new coat, guaranteeing a flawless finish. Finally, we top it off with a buff and polish for that factory-floor gleam.

Why AutoShield Collision Center 

AutoShield Collision Center is an auto-body shop with one clear mission: to offer simple, flexible, and hassle-free full-service. Our customers are our number one priority, and we strive to provide quality repair at an affordable rate. Here are the reasons you should place your trust in us:

Call Auto Shield Collision For Your Next Repair

Collisions can be a traumatic ordeal, so Autoshield is here to handle everything. We ensure that you are taken care of; whether you need an insurance claim or collision repair, Autoshield is here for you. So give us a call today for an estimate and set your mind at ease. 


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