What is PBR/PDR? 

Paintless dent removal is said to have been started by Oskar Flaig at the International Motorsports Show in February of 1960. While arguably the practice has probably been in practice since near the beginning of the automobile, Oskar reportedly received the trophy for making it public.

You may be wondering how in the world you could do bodywork to a vehicle and not have to paint it when you are done.

Paintless Body Repair or Paint-less Dent Removal is essentially, well: “magic”.

Why would we say such a crazy thing?

In cases where damage is superficial, such as a hail dent in some cases, we may be able to disassemble the interior of the vehicle and literally work the dent from the back side with special tools to “nudge” the dent back out and make it look just like it did before it happened. Basically, it works like magic to make the dent disappear by bringing the face of the panel back in alignment. This is only possible if the paint and substrate are still solidly bonded together and the paint remains somewhat flexible.

This type of dent repair is a highly technical, specialized process. Knowledge of not only the removal of a basic dent; but the actual dynamics of the dent, its size, shape width and length, along with even a little mathematics may be necessary to fully remove a complex dent.

Reworking the metal that is damaged requires actually shrinking in most cases, the surfaces that have been stretched. Proper selection of the right tool for the job such as a pick, a spoon, shaft, flat or other shape; applied at exactly the right place and with the right pressure. That’s what makes this a tricky business. There are literally dozens of specialized tools for this process and experience with each one takes a lot of care and finesse.

On the other hand, it’s usually very fast, much faster and less costly than a full strip, repair and repaint. It takes some very, very special skills. Our specialists have lots of ability in this area. So much so that in many cases you may even get your vehicle back the same day!

One of the great things about PBR/PDR is that the process retains the original finish on your vehicle, which also retains the value of your vehicle. By not impacting the original finish, the value of your vehicle stays intact and the damage becomes virtually undetectable.

This is a great way to keep your vehicle in tip top shape and maintain its beauty, value and your overall driving pleasure.

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