How to get an estimate on car damage

What is a car repair estimate?

A car repair estimate is a breakdown of all visible repairs needed to ensure your vehicle is safe and roadworthy.

How to get a car repair estimate?

When you notify your insurance company of your accident, a repair estimate is provided. The estimate will provide a better understanding of the total damage and the general cost of repairs. Estimates are determined by labor, parts, prices, and total time to complete the repairs. 

What to expect from the estimation process:

The estimation process takes around 15-30 minutes and requires the estimator to fully asses the full extent of the damage. Your repair will include:

  • A detailed description of the repairs needed to return your vehicle to driving condition
  • A clear list of all associated costs, including parts, labor, and additional fees
  • This estimate will not be exceeded during repairs without your approval.

Contact your insurance company

After your accident, notify your insurance company immediately. They will provide you with an estimate for your car.

 Do proper research

With your estimate in hand, do proper research and shop around with your estimate. Collision repair shops will provide you with a quote for the repairs needed, and you can shop around for the best deal.

Find a shop

Locating a reputable shop can be challenging as you have to keep in mind that it’s not only price but the quality of their service and repairs as well. Use customer reviews and check credentials to find the right repair shop for you. 
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