How Long Does Collision Repair Take?

Collisions are traumatic not only for the vehicle but the driver as well and we at Auto Shield are here for you. We’ll handle insurance claims and get you back on the road as soon as possible. Collision repairs vary, with most repairs including windshield replacement, minor auto body work, and bumper repair, averaging one to three days. Internal repairs and extensive damage will require at least a month to repair. 

How Long Should an Average Accident Repair Take?

On average, an accident repair should take no more than a week. However, this time frame accounts for the repair time and does not account for hidden damages, ordering parts, or the repair claims process. With all these factors combined, it can be a month before your car is ready.  

How Damaged Is Your Car?

Vehicle damages vary greatly, and your vehicle’s state will significantly impact your repair time. Minor scratches and small parts should take anywhere from 1-3 days to fix/order, whereas serious fender benders may take weeks or even months to resolve. A totaled car is perhaps the most damaged your vehicle can be and will require an extensive repair process of several months to fix. 

Repair Claims Process

Your repair claim will vary depending on a multitude of factors. For example, a simple insurance claim will take anywhere from 1-2 weeks, but other factors such as the extent of damages and your insurance policy can drag this process out for months. In addition, issues such as scheduling delays can hinder the repair claims process. 

Hidden Auto Collision Damage

Cars are complex machines, and while it may look fine externally, there are many moving parts you can’t account for until you drive your car. For this reason, it is essential to have a thorough inspection by a professional after an accident to ensure that everything runs smoothly. 

Ordering Parts For Collision Damage

Depending on the make and model of your car, some parts may take longer than others to obtain from any repair shop. In addition, some parts may need to be shipped across states and sometimes overseas depending on the commonality of your car, so keep that in mind when ordering parts-you may have to wait several weeks for a part to arrive. 

Skills of the Collision Repair Staff

Collision centers generally have varying skill levels in their staff. If you have inexperienced staff, the collision repair can take double or even triple the time to complete. However, AutoShield Collision techs are highly experienced and experts at collision repair, so you can rely on them for an accurate timetable. 

Minor Collision Repair

Minor collision repairs take anywhere from one-three days to complete. Minor collision repairs include broken headlights, cracked or damaged bumper, and superficial scratches or impacts.  

Major Collision Repair

Major collision repairs are different, requiring at least weeks to months for repairs. Major collision damage includes broken axels, damaged internals, engine damage, and anything that makes the car unsafe to drive. 

Windshield Repair or Replacement

Windshield Repair or replacement takes roughly one-two days to replace. Since it’s a minor repair, replacing a window takes about one hour. Sealing or repairing a minor crack takes roughly twenty-thirty minutes. 

Car Paint Scratch

Paint repair length will depend on the extent of the damage and how large the area is. Minor scratches can be repaired within one to two days, while major scratches can take four to five days. If the damage extends to other elements such as the fender, door, or bumper, you can add a week to the time. 

What’s The Age Of The Car?

The age of your car will affect the availability of parts. Generally, classic or older cars have rarer parts, whereas newer cars have more readily available parts. For example, the rarity of a 69 Ford Mustang will be more complicated than repairing a 2010 Honda Accord. 

Call Auto Shield Collision For Your Next Repair

Collision repairs can take a fair bit of time, so you must find a collision shop that you can trust. AutoShield has been a trusted name in collision repair for two decades, with experienced techs and quality service, so give us a call today and put your car in good hands.


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